Saturday, April 30, 2011

So much little time!

Here are a few pics of some gigs that I've been to recently.  Here's Kevin, drummer for the Rock Show backstage at Downtown Tavern, Bedford, IN.  Notice the "wall of shame" behind us.  So much smack talked on those walls.

Here's DConn of the Rock Show.  This was a gig in Linton, IN at Bottoms Up.

Kevin again, I believe this was in Terre Haute, IN.

Tony D of the Rock Show, Terre Haute, IN

Shred Lee, or as I like to call him, Shredalicious.  Hard to find a better lead guitarist.

DConn, swingin'.

After a gig, having some breakfast at what Sly refers to as a "Pickle Park," a truck stop near Terre Haute, IN.

This shot cracks me up!  Tony D and Shred.  Shred insists that Tony D jumped in front of him to get in the picture, which he probably did.

Takes a lot of gear to run the Rock Show.

Sly, Todd "The Foot" Taylor and DConn loading in at Terre Haute.

The Foot!  Running lights that night.

Sound provided by Sly.  He refers to himself as being "flamboyant."  I just think he's a stooge.

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